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Cloth Adhesive Tape (Natural Rubber Base)

Cloth Tape(Natural Rubber Base):

PE coated cloth duct tape with a rubber based adhesive.
High quality purpose for irregular surface, stationery, water proof, vinyl repair, protecting, and bundling.


Cloth Tape(Natural Rubber Base)
Utility CAKK 40S EC CAKK 40S EC 0.2 0.7 다운
CAKK 45S RT CAKK 45S RT 0.2 0.8 다운
CAKK 50S EC CAKK 50S EC 0.22 0.7 다운
Industrial CAKK 40S GP CAKK 40S GP 0.26 1 다운
CAKK 50S GP CAKK 50S GP 0.27 1 다운
Premium CAKK 70S GP CAKK 70S GP 0.3 1 다운
CAKK 80S GP CAKK 80S GP 0.3 1 다운
CAKK 40S EC CAKK 70S EC 0.43 1.1 다운
Masking CAKK 70S MP CAKK 70S MP 0.3 0.6 다운
Double Layer CAKK 70S 2X CAKK 70S 2X 0.3 0.6 다운
Gaffers CAKK 80M GP CAKK 80M GP 0.3 0.7 다운
Nuclear CAKK 70N CAKK 70N 0.3 1 다운
Unbleached CAKK 140UNB CAKK 140UNB 0.27 0.7 다운
Florescent CAKK 70S FL CAKK 70S FL 0.3 0.8 다운
Phosphorescent CAKK 70S PH CAKK 70S PH 0.3 1 다운
Warning CAKK 70S WS CAKK 70S WS 0.3 1 다운
Camouflage CAKK 80M CF CAKK 80M CF 0.3 0.7 다운
Military CAKK 80S MI CAKK 80S MI 0.3 1 다운
Tunnel CAKK 70S TU CAKK 70S TU 0.3 1 다운